Woodland and Lakeside Walks in Mayo

Woodland and Lakeside Walks in Mayo – Visitors may access the walks through the Heritage Centre and Gardens or they may follow the signs from the car park directly to the woods and lake.

As they walk towards the lake the Pleasure Grounds are on the left hand side. The lane way surface is solid and usually dry under foot but visitors should aware that further on the paths can be wet, muddy and narrow, and that boots or strong walking shoes are essential. The walk goes along the lake shore and then turns again into the woods where there is a wide variety of trees and other vegetation to see. There are simple wooden signs pointing out different directions and there is a map available at the Heritage Centre reception desk.

The Enniscoe Estate has been taking part in the Native Woodland Restoration Scheme for the last four years and many new areas have been opened up in the process. We are still finishing the paths and when complete the walk will go around the estate and come up the French Avenue finishing at the Heritage Centre. Time for that cup of tea or coffee!

When in the woodlands visitors are requested to keep to the paths to avoid disturbing the wild life unduly. There are badger sets deep in the woods, fallow deer, hares, and pine martins, otters near the lake, and foxes, to name but some of the animals who live here. Move through quietly and you may be lucky enough to see some of them. There are also birds to see and hear, maybe a heron on his way out to the islands or a raven complaining that you are in his territory.