Easter Sunday 8th April: ‘The Journey’Official Opening of Mayo Titanic Cultural Week; re-enactment in period costume of the departure of ‘The Fourteen’ by sidecar and pony from Lahardane and their journey to Castlebar Railway station

Easter Monday 9th April: ‘Macra Monday’

This will be a ‘fun’ day, with a Titanic Treasure Hunt; a Vintage & Heritage Display; followed by a Titanic Quiz in the evening

Tuesday 10th April: ‘Leaving Day’

Titanic Memorabilia Exhibition; Art Exhibition; Emigration & the Titanic Lecture followed by a viewing of the documentary ‘Waking the Titanic’ (produced by GMarsh TV Productions)

Wednesday 11th April: ‘American Wake’

Re-enactment of the traditional Irish ‘American Wake’ by local schoolchildren

Thursday 12th April: ‘Irish Night’

An open evening of Irish song and poetry in Lahardane – anyone can join in!

Friday 13th April: ‘Mayo Titanic Ball’

The Mayo Titanic Ball – this will be a ticket-only event held at the Pontoon Bridge Hotel, with music provided by the Brose Walsh Band.

Saturday 14th April: ‘Annual Bell Ringing Ceremony’

The focus of the day will be the Annual Bell Ringing; with evening events commencing in Lahardane, followed by the Annual Bell Ringing Ceremony at 02.20am on the 15th in the grounds of St Patrick’s Church, Lahardane

Sunday 15th April: ‘Memorial Day’

The Annual Titanic Mass will be followed by the dedication of the Memorial Windows in St Patrick’s Church and the Official Opening of Addergoole’s Titanic Memorial Park and burial of the Mayo Titanic Time Capsule