Easter Sunday 8th April: ‘The Journey’Official Opening of Mayo Titanic Cultural Week; re-enactment in period costume of the departure of ‘The Fourteen’ by sidecar and pony from Lahardane and their journey to Castlebar Railway station

Easter Monday 9th April: ‘Macra Monday’

This will be a ‘fun’ day, with a Titanic Treasure Hunt; a Vintage & Heritage Display; followed by a Titanic Quiz in the evening

Tuesday 10th April: ‘Leaving Day’

Titanic Memorabilia Exhibition; Art Exhibition; Emigration & the Titanic Lecture followed by a viewing of the documentary ‘Waking the Titanic’ (produced by GMarsh TV Productions)

Wednesday 11th April: ‘American Wake’

Re-enactment of the traditional Irish ‘American Wake’ by local schoolchildren

Thursday 12th April: ‘Irish Night’

An open evening of Irish song and poetry in Lahardane – anyone can join in!

Friday 13th April: ‘Mayo Titanic Ball’

The Mayo Titanic Ball – this will be a ticket-only event held at the Pontoon Bridge Hotel, with music provided by the Brose Walsh Band.

Saturday 14th April: ‘Annual Bell Ringing Ceremony’

The focus of the day will be the Annual Bell Ringing; with evening events commencing in Lahardane, followed by the Annual Bell Ringing Ceremony at 02.20am on the 15th in the grounds of St Patrick’s Church, Lahardane

Sunday 15th April: ‘Memorial Day’

The Annual Titanic Mass will be followed by the dedication of the Memorial Windows in St Patrick’s Church and the Official Opening of Addergoole’s Titanic Memorial Park and burial of the Mayo Titanic Time Capsule

Gardening Courses in Mayo

Gardening Courses in Mayo – In recent years we have been running courses in organic gardening and courses for disabled groups. These have been very successful and our next plan is to run many more courses and to upgrade the facilities available.

We now have a number of poly tunnels in the garden, one of which has been set up to allow wheel chair access and has raised beds and low potting tables. These groups have been using the courtyard hall as a meeting room but we now plan to build facilities in the garden itself. Usually groups come one day a week for nine or ten weeks and do all the work themselves. They are then able to take the produce away for themselves.

The organic gardening courses are run by a qualified instructor usually on Saturdays, over a six to ten week period.

For details of courses contact the Heritage Centre

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Organic Market Garden in Mayo – While the ornamental garden had been closed the old fruit and vegetable garden had been going through rough times. Home by turns to sheep, cattle, horses and pigs only some old apple trees survived from the original plantings. The propagating house was a ruin, and sadly it still remains one.

However from the early 1990’s onwards various schemes have been run, first by FAS, and later by a local co-op and more recently by the Rural Initiative Scheme. All have contributed to rescue the garden, grow fruit and vegetables, and attempt to make it financially viable. None have been entirely successful but over the years some great produce has been grown and one plan has led to another.

Fruit and vegetables are supplied to Enniscoe House and to the Heritage Centre tea room, as well as local restaurants and callers to the garden.

The next business plan is an ambitious one and will be presented in 2009. This may be the one!

Enniscoe House and Courtyard

Enniscoe House and Courtyard – At the heart of the Enniscoe Estate is the big house and linked yards behind it. At one time the family would have owned several thousand acres, now there is less than two hundred. However this is enough to give good protection to the house with wonderful views over Lough Conn to the front and parkland and woodland around the other sides. Enniscoe House is one of Ireland’s listed heritage houses and has been described as “the last surviving Great House in North Mayo”.

The first of the family to come onto the lands of Enniscoe in the17th century was Francis Jackson. It was probably his son, Oliver, who built the first house, described as “a fortified house on the shores of Lough Conn”. This house has long disappeared and there is no record of its exact location. The second house is still to be seen today, built sometime between 1740 and 1750 it forms the back part of the present day Enniscoe House.

In the 1790’s George Jackson, great grandson of Francis, built on an addition to the second house, turning it from a tall and narrow farm house to the square two story Georgian mansion house that we see today. All the interior plaster work was completed by 1800. George also extended the yards behind the house and made many improvements to the estate.

In 1834 his great granddaughter, Madeline Jackson, married Mervyn Pratt of Cabra Castle in County Cavan and together the young couple took over the management of the estate. There followed difficult years, with much local distress caused by the famine. The Pratts were never absentee landlords and by the early 1900’s Mervyn and his son Joe had sold all tenanted land under the land acts, keeping only the domain lands around the house.

Joe Pratt’s son, also Mervyn, lived quietly at Enniscoe, farming, gardening and fishing. Mervyn never married and at his death in 1950 the property went to his cousin, Professor Jack Nicholson.
Enniscoe is now owned by Susan Kellett, daughter of Jack Nicholson, and great great granddaughter of Madeline Jackson.

Woodland and Lakeside Walks in Mayo

Woodland and Lakeside Walks in Mayo – Visitors may access the walks through the Heritage Centre and Gardens or they may follow the signs from the car park directly to the woods and lake.

As they walk towards the lake the Pleasure Grounds are on the left hand side. The lane way surface is solid and usually dry under foot but visitors should aware that further on the paths can be wet, muddy and narrow, and that boots or strong walking shoes are essential. The walk goes along the lake shore and then turns again into the woods where there is a wide variety of trees and other vegetation to see. There are simple wooden signs pointing out different directions and there is a map available at the Heritage Centre reception desk.

The Enniscoe Estate has been taking part in the Native Woodland Restoration Scheme for the last four years and many new areas have been opened up in the process. We are still finishing the paths and when complete the walk will go around the estate and come up the French Avenue finishing at the Heritage Centre. Time for that cup of tea or coffee!

When in the woodlands visitors are requested to keep to the paths to avoid disturbing the wild life unduly. There are badger sets deep in the woods, fallow deer, hares, and pine martins, otters near the lake, and foxes, to name but some of the animals who live here. Move through quietly and you may be lucky enough to see some of them. There are also birds to see and hear, maybe a heron on his way out to the islands or a raven complaining that you are in his territory.