Woodland and Walks

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Woodland and Lakeside Walks in Mayo

Visitors may access the walks through the Heritage Centre and Gardens or they may follow the signs from the car park directly to the woods and lake.

As they walk towards the lake the Pleasure Grounds are on the left hand side. The lane way surface is solid and usually dry under foot but visitors should aware that further on the paths can be wet, muddy and narrow, and that boots or strong walking shoes are essential. The walk goes along the lake shore and then turns again into the woods where there is a wide variety of trees and other vegetation to see. There are simple wooden signs pointing out different directions and there is a map available at the Heritage Centre reception desk.

The Enniscoe Estate has been taking part in the Native Woodland Restoration Scheme for the last four years and many new areas have been opened up in the process. We are still finishing the paths and when complete the walk will go around the estate and come up the French Avenue finishing at the Heritage Centre. Time for that cup of tea or coffee!

When in the woodlands visitors are requested to keep to the paths to avoid disturbing the wild life unduly. There are badger sets deep in the woods, fallow deer, hares, and pine martins, otters near the lake, and foxes, to name but some of the animals who live here. Move through quietly and you may be lucky enough to see some of them. There are also birds to see and hear, maybe a heron on his way out to the islands or a raven complaining that you are in his territory.

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Train Tractor club

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Mayo North Tractor Club & Tractor Day

Mayo North Old Engine and Tractor Club was set up in 1999 by a group of vintage enthusiasts. The Club holds its monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Enniscoe Heritage Centre and our members’ interests include Vintage Tractors, Cars and Machinery.

Local interest developed quickly and members soon found themselves looking for a suitable site to hold their first show. Thanks to Susan Kellett a site was made
available and the date was set for July 2000 – it has improved each year since! Little did the members at this time know that the club would evolve to be one of the largest shows in the West of Ireland, solely due to the dedication of its members. The Club’s main goal was to try and raise monies for local and national charities. Due to the large crowds that attend this show each year the club has, to date, donated in excess of € 50,000.

The Club tries to foster and encourage the interest of restoring, maintaining and displaying all types of classic, vintage and antique vehicles, cars, tractors, motorcycles, tool, artefacts and memorabilia as well as the traditional work practices, crafts, and our heritage for the benefit of present as well as future generations.

In 2006 we held our first Vintage Vehicle Road Run in the Windy Gap, North of Castlebar, and since then we have held several road runs. TG4 filmed the road run around Burrishoole Abbey and Lough Furnace and this was broadcast on TG4 on 8th November 2009. Our latest road run was on 9th May 2010 around the Foxford and Swinford area with a stop at Hennigan’s Heritage Centre.

Another social event is our annual dinner dance where charity cheques are donated. This is supported very generously by members, patrons and friends. The club also gets involved in St Patrick’s Day parades in the local towns.

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Titanic Cultural Week

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[8th to 15th APRIL 2012]

Easter Sunday 8th April: ‘The Journey’
Official Opening of Mayo Titanic Cultural Week; re-enactment in period costume of the departure of ‘The Fourteen’ by sidecar and pony from Lahardane and their journey to Castlebar Railway station

Easter Monday 9th April: ‘Macra Monday’

This will be a ‘fun’ day, with a Titanic Treasure Hunt; a Vintage & Heritage Display; followed by a Titanic Quiz in the evening

Tuesday 10th April: ‘Leaving Day’

Titanic Memorabilia Exhibition; Art Exhibition; Emigration & the Titanic Lecture followed by a viewing of the documentary ‘Waking the Titanic’ (produced by GMarsh TV Productions)

Wednesday 11th April: ‘American Wake’

Re-enactment of the traditional Irish ‘American Wake’ by local schoolchildren

Thursday 12th April: ‘Irish Night’

An open evening of Irish song and poetry in Lahardane – anyone can join in!

Friday 13th April: ‘Mayo Titanic Ball’

The Mayo Titanic Ball – this will be a ticket-only event held at the Pontoon Bridge Hotel, with music provided by the Brose Walsh Band.

Saturday 14th April: ‘Annual Bell Ringing Ceremony’

The focus of the day will be the Annual Bell Ringing; with evening events commencing in Lahardane, followed by the Annual Bell Ringing Ceremony at 02.20am on the 15th in the grounds of St Patrick’s Church, Lahardane

Sunday 15th April: ‘Memorial Day’

The Annual Titanic Mass will be followed by the dedication of the Memorial Windows in St Patrick’s Church and the Official Opening of Addergoole’s Titanic Memorial Park and burial of the Mayo Titanic Time Capsule

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The House

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Enniscoe House in County Mayo

It has passed through twelve generations of the family to Susan Kellett. She opened the house to guests in 1984, offering Dinner, Bed and Breakfast from April to October each year. Susan has now been joined by her son, Dj Kellett, and together they continue to welcome the many visitors who find their way to Enniscoe. The family portraits, antique furniture, good food and wine all combine to give the house a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. It is a member of Ireland’s Blue Book, and of The Hidden Ireland, and is listed in all the leading guide books, including the Good Hotel Guide and the Michelin Guide.
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The Bog Train

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The Bog Train

In 2008 we added the biggest attraction yet for Heritage Day, an old Bord Na Mona locomotive, fondly known as “the bog train”.

Bord Na Mona was the company that cut and processed turf from the bogs outside Crossmolina which was burnt in the electricity generating plant. The turf cutting has now stopped and the company has left the area. The train was used to pull flat wagons across the bogs with equipment. Our club has restored the engine and laid railway tracks along the edge of the wood from the Enniscoe entrance to the top of the field. We have also built seats on the flat wagons and this year had it running all day, five minutes each way!

We hope to extend the track in the years to come and to be able to do a complete circuit of the estate.


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The Blacksmith’s Forge

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The Blacksmith’s Forge, Co Mayo

The Blacksmith’s Forge at the Mayo North Heritage Centre at Enniscoe was completed in 1999. It is used as a workshop by our blacksmith, Colin Highfield, undertaking commissions and restoration work for various clients. For example he carried out the restoration of the iron work for a glass house at Turlough Park Museum. His work may also be seen on the Enniscoe Estate where he has restored or replaced the farm gates using traditional methods.

The forge is also the location of the” FORGING LINKS” blacksmithing courses that have been running since the year 2000. Colin is an experienced and expert instructor.

Up to the present time over 70 people, male and female, have participated in one week and two week courses. Some weekend and evening courses have also been run.

The courses consist of the demonstration and practicing of various traditional blacksmithing techniques. There is a very hands-on approach and most of the time is spent at the anvil working under the guidance and instruction of Colin. There are three forges and six anvils and each course is restricted to six participants.

Participants are encouraged to make items that they can take away with them at the end of the course.

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Shop And Tea Room

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Gift Shop at the Heritage Centre

Under the label “Heritage at Enniscoe” we have brought together an interesting collection of elegant goods, including antique Victorian jewellery, vintage glass and lace, and some contemporary collectables. There are attractive cards, small presents expensive products likes Gemstones Ruby, sapphire, emerald, aquamarine jade stone(expensive stone see worth here https://gemfame.com/much-jade-worth/ and of course “the Irish Doll” and the “Enniscoe Bear”.

Tea Room

On cold days sit round the open stove in the tea room and enjoy the produce of our organic market garden and our home baking. On fine days sit out on the tea room terrace overlooking the gardens.
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Self Catering

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Enniscoe Self Catering Holiday Homes

The old stables behind the main house have been converted into three houses. These are done in a simple farm house style but are attractive and comfortable. They all have views over the walled garden. The Potting Shed has two bed rooms and is ideal for two or three people.

Horse House One and Horse House Two are larger and both have doors opening from the sitting room into the woodland area behind the courtyard. From here there is direct access to the woodland paths and to the walled gardens.

These houses are let on a self catering basis but dinner may be booked in the main house when it is open. Indeed we have had some visitors who have booked breakfast as well!


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Family Research North Mayo

One of the most important reasons for commissioning research from a designated centre for genealogy is to get the benefit of local knowledge. No matter how good and comprehensive the database may be it cannot fill that gap. Our trained and experienced genealogist has an understanding of Irish history and most importantly the Irish language which is essential in linking relevant surnames and first names together.

Research carried out at the center comprises of two types:

a) Single record search: This service is available only to callers to the centre.
Many visitors wish to establish where their ancestors originated in the county in order to visit the area, and, in most cases, to visit their resting place. They might also wish to establish whether any records exist for the time frame involved. To facilitate this demand single record searches are carried out on their behalf and are based on the information provided by the client. The results of the single record search are provided within half an hour. There is no analysis involved in this type of research and is recommended for people who have some experience in genealogical research and might just require one piece of information. The cost of this research is generally 30 euro.

b) The second type of genealogical research carried out is a two- stage process. This format is chosen by the majority of clients and allows for an in-depth search of records. This may take several weeks to complete.
The first part is known as an initial assessment and is where the client submits an application form with the information they have on the ancestor they want researched. A complete professional genealogical analysis is carried out based on information provided. This establishes whether a family history report is feasible. If a family history report is feasible then the results of the assessment are sent to the client with details of the research carried out and the records located. The cost of a full report is quoted at this point.

The second part is the Family History Report. The report is bound in an attractive hardbound book form. It includes a scholarly discourse on the surnames, detailed explanations of the townlands mentioned and of course the relevant births deaths marriages and census records found. Where applicable local history information is included.

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North Mayo Parish Records

The family history unit has now compiled a complete database of all the major genealogical resources relating specifically to the North Mayo catchment area, which comprises 29 parishes. The specially designed database now contains nearly a million records for North Mayo. Records for the remaining parishes of Co Mayo are held at the south Mayo family history centre in Ballinrobe at soumayo@iol.ie A close relationship exists between both centres North & South and frequent consultations take place to make sure all sources are covered for each piece of research carried out for clients.

The database now includes all births deaths and marriages of both church and state up to 1900,( with some church parishes imputed up to 1925 ) the 1901 census, 50% of the 1911 census, gravestone inscriptions of all graveyards of North Mayo, land records, some rental books, some school roll books, and many literary and historical references relating to North Mayo.

The family history unit has become an integral part of roots tourism and is a point of reference for a significant number of visitors to the North Mayo area. The unit deals with genealogical queries by email, post, and by callers to the centre.

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