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Mayo North Tractor Club & Tractor Day

Mayo North Old Engine and Tractor Club was set up in 1999 by a group of vintage enthusiasts. The Club holds its monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Enniscoe Heritage Centre and our members’ interests include Vintage Tractors, Cars and Machinery.

Local interest developed quickly and members soon found themselves looking for a suitable site to hold their first show. Thanks to Susan Kellett a site was made
available and the date was set for July 2000 – it has improved each year since! Little did the members at this time know that the club would evolve to be one of the largest shows in the West of Ireland, solely due to the dedication of its members. The Club’s main goal was to try and raise monies for local and national charities. Due to the large crowds that attend this show each year the club has, to date, donated in excess of € 50,000.

The Club tries to foster and encourage the interest of restoring, maintaining and displaying all types of classic, vintage and antique vehicles, cars, tractors, motorcycles, tool, artefacts and memorabilia as well as the traditional work practices, crafts, and our heritage for the benefit of present as well as future generations.

In 2006 we held our first Vintage Vehicle Road Run in the Windy Gap, North of Castlebar, and since then we have held several road runs. TG4 filmed the road run around Burrishoole Abbey and Lough Furnace and this was broadcast on TG4 on 8th November 2009. Our latest road run was on 9th May 2010 around the Foxford and Swinford area with a stop at Hennigan’s Heritage Centre.

Another social event is our annual dinner dance where charity cheques are donated. This is supported very generously by members, patrons and friends. The club also gets involved in St Patrick’s Day parades in the local towns.

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