The Blacksmith’s Forge

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The Blacksmith’s Forge, Co Mayo

The Blacksmith’s Forge at the Mayo North Heritage Centre at Enniscoe was completed in 1999. It is used as a workshop by our blacksmith, Colin Highfield, undertaking commissions and restoration work for various clients. For example he carried out the restoration of the iron work for a glass house at Turlough Park Museum. His work may also be seen on the Enniscoe Estate where he has restored or replaced the farm gates using traditional methods.

The forge is also the location of the” FORGING LINKS” blacksmithing courses that have been running since the year 2000. Colin is an experienced and expert instructor.

Up to the present time over 70 people, male and female, have participated in one week and two week courses. Some weekend and evening courses have also been run.

The courses consist of the demonstration and practicing of various traditional blacksmithing techniques. There is a very hands-on approach and most of the time is spent at the anvil working under the guidance and instruction of Colin. There are three forges and six anvils and each course is restricted to six participants.

Participants are encouraged to make items that they can take away with them at the end of the course.

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