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Family Research North Mayo

One of the most important reasons for commissioning research from a designated centre for genealogy is to get the benefit of local knowledge. No matter how good and comprehensive the database may be it cannot fill that gap. Our trained and experienced genealogist has an understanding of Irish history and most importantly the Irish language which is essential in linking relevant surnames and first names together.

Research carried out at the center comprises of two types:

a) Single record search: This service is available only to callers to the centre.
Many visitors wish to establish where their ancestors originated in the county in order to visit the area, and, in most cases, to visit their resting place. They might also wish to establish whether any records exist for the time frame involved. To facilitate this demand single record searches are carried out on their behalf and are based on the information provided by the client. The results of the single record search are provided within half an hour. There is no analysis involved in this type of research and is recommended for people who have some experience in genealogical research and might just require one piece of information. The cost of this research is generally 30 euro.

b) The second type of genealogical research carried out is a two- stage process. This format is chosen by the majority of clients and allows for an in-depth search of records. This may take several weeks to complete.
The first part is known as an initial assessment and is where the client submits an application form with the information they have on the ancestor they want researched. A complete professional genealogical analysis is carried out based on information provided. This establishes whether a family history report is feasible. If a family history report is feasible then the results of the assessment are sent to the client with details of the research carried out and the records located. The cost of a full report is quoted at this point.

The second part is the Family History Report. The report is bound in an attractive hardbound book form. It includes a scholarly discourse on the surnames, detailed explanations of the townlands mentioned and of course the relevant births deaths marriages and census records found. Where applicable local history information is included.

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